It’s Monday, yay!

I used to hate Monday’s. They are not so bad now.  I find purpose in them.  I don’t have to be home for at least 10 hours.

Mali and I used to hate Monday. She and I did a lot of stuff over weekends and were pretty much exhausted by Sunday night.

Mali would put on her school uniform and sit on the end of my bed, bowl of cereal, bed head, backpack ready with a typical teenage zombie glow about her.

I would say good morning Mali and she would manage a grunt and a huge smile.  Odd combination but one I love and miss so much. We would watch 30 minutes of GMA and head out the door for school and work. We would make up our own lyrics to pop songs on the radio.  Usually involving toilets or number 2. Flash gang signs at each other and laugh most of the way to school. I would miss her during the day and she would sneak text me during the day on her iPad “studying “.

There won’t be a day I don’t miss her, that laugh and those eyes. I miss the love you Mama when she got out of the car.

I am going to try not to lose my mind today.

1 thought on “It’s Monday, yay!”

  1. I love hearing about your shenanigans with Mali. I wish I had gotten to meet her. I imagine her being a mini version of you. So even though I have never met her, I love her because I love her momma. When I see her pictures, she has that same “up to no good smile” that you have.
    I read your entries every time you post them. I know there are no words to take the pain away so I may not comment on every entry but I do continue to pray for you and your family that some day a little bit of that pain is lessened. I love you 😘


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