A Letter To My Daughter Mali

Dearest Mali,

Summer is in full swing. The herbs you wanted to plant on your spring bucket list have been planted and they are growing like weeds.  Cilantro, thyme, lavander.  Dad and I also planted tomatoes and those sugar snap beans you love. We have a few corn plants we put in the garden for you since the ones you planted last summer didn’t work out so well. 😂

Another thing we did in the garden was to plant giant sunflowers along the fence. It worked this year. Not quite the forest of giant sunflowers like we planted in front of your window but you get the picture.  They are already over the top of the fence.

Your bug I gave to Kiah. She has learned to drive a stick.  She put eyelashes on it just like you wanted to.  I told her she had to keep the Edison scholar sticker on the bumper.  Hahahaha. I know that would have made you laugh.

Dad really misses you.  He talks to you all the time and you go with him to work everyday and get to ride in the truck with him. I hope you are digging that. I know you would have really enjoyed that.

Your Aunt looks so much like you. We hung out last weekend and she busted me sneaking looks at her face. She called me out on it.

Grandpa also talks to you everyday. He has as you know so many photos of all of you grandkids around the whole house.

Your brothers and sister are doing ok too. Going to school and working.  The miss you so much.

What can I say about Max and Bodie?  Your Cermet misses you terribly. He waits on the top of the couch everyday. I think he’s waiting for you to come thru the door. I have been feeding him lots of chickain and water so he can grow!!  If he gets too big I am going to have to take him back to the swamp 😂🤣💕🤣

I miss you. I miss the way we would make each other laugh. I miss the faces you would make at me and the way you sat on the counter in front of the sink. I miss your macaroons.

I hope you are happy and doing well wherever you are. You will always be our ducky. We love you. I look forward to the day when we can all be together again.


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