Sunrises and Bucket Lists

I woke up this morning to a clear beautiful sky. The kind of sky where the night says goodbye to the rising sun. The gold yellow, pink, light blues of the sunrise briefly holding hands with the deeper blues and the last few stars of the night.

My thoughts are always with Mali. Watching a sunrise was on her spring bucket list that stays on my fridge as a reminder to live. Especially for her.

As we approach the 8 month mark I see how visibly I have changed. I am not so quick with my tongue (mostly). I am more quiet and introspective. I am quick to forgive. I am starting to feel hopeful.

Throughout this whole trauma of Mali completing suicide I thought I was just an empty shell. Even though my heart will never mend from her leaving us too soon, I find little things are starting to fill that shell. Service to others is a well that never runs dry

I am blessed.

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