A point of view from a friend

The first day of school of freshmen year I didn’t know what to except. First time I saw and talked to Mali was a couple of days later at work study. We worked the lunch room together, I worked up front helping give out food while she was back in the kitchen help wash dishes.

I would go back there sometimes to talk to her and some others. Mali was always the most fun to talk to because she was always positive and funny and always made the best comments.

I would look forward to work study sometimes just because of her. Whenever I was down she always cheered me up. As days go on things were great. We didn’t have any classes together until the second semester and it was fun while it lasted.

But one day changed everything.
I was sitting around her friends during lunch and it was going fine, until her group of friends started talking bad about one of my friends.  They had him all wrong. He was dating one of these girls at the time and he “supposedly” was being a bad boyfriend so they were calling him names.  I yelled at them saying they were all wrong, he wasn’t like that and they had  no idea what he was like.

He is a kind loving person and the group was putting his name in the mud. I defended his name and my best friend!

That day I lost another friend. Someone that was close to me and she didn’t know it. I told her she wasn’t the reason, it wasn’t her fault but I was too scared to say anymore.

I wanted to talk to Mali again, to get our friendship again but I didn’t know what to say and I was scared. The what’s are in my mind. After winter and the second semester started, I didn’t work with her again, instead we had Math together.

First she sat right next to me, then two seats behind me. Everyday I wanted to make things right between us, again I was scared.

As days go on everyday I regret not talking to her to make things straight. The weekend that Mali died I heard the next day on Sunday April 9th after church from a friend from our school. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I couldn’t imagine it because she was always happy and positive.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that she looked more down everyday leading up to the weekend. I saw that she was feeling down but I didn’t do anything.

I wish I did and wasn’t scared. She was a great friend and I threw it away. As days go on after her death it was hard with my regret and maybe… just maybe I could have done something.

Everyday I live with something that she left. Be positive and treat others fairly. Try to make others happy, and be the best friend that I can be to anyone. That is how I’m gonna say bye to a friend, since I never had the chance to when she was alive.

written by a friend of Mali’s

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